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Antique Travertine Pavers and Tiles – Additional Information

Antique Travertine Pavers are a great choice for those of us looking for something different, a more naturally aged look to their paving. As its name suggests even a new installation will have a older look about it. With its golden hues and grey striations its well suited to outdoor paving like, driveways, pathways and pool paving.

Whether it be for indoors, bathrooms kitchens and living areas, we have the Travertine Tiles to bring elegance and class to any area. If it is outdoors, our Travertine Pavers with matching pool pavers and coping are a great solution

Travertine pavers are hard wearing for harsh conditions, yet not abrasive underfoot. It will not heat up to an unbearable temperature, unlike many other product

We have a large range of pavers, tiles, cladding, pool coping with many sizes and finishes available

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