Cheap Rustica Travertine Tiles and Pavers

$69.00 $39.00

Rustica Travertine TIles and Pavers

Available in both 12mm and 30mm thicknesses

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Cheap Rustica Travertine Tiles or Pavers

Great for outdoor areas. Non-slip underfoot and easy to install

A great European stone to add life to just about any area

Available in 610x406mm, 610x610mm, 406x203mm

Available in both 12mm or 15mm for tiles and 30mm for paving:

610x406x30mm – $49m2 or 12mm thick tiles $39m2

610x610x30mm – $69m2 or 15mm thick tiles $59m2

406x203x30mm – $39m2

Colour variation and visible holes are characteristics of this product. Along with the tumbled corners that occasionally can be missing to a degree due to the tumbled look.
As travertine is a soft material, some honing marks may be present in glancing light.
As is custom when purchasing natural stone, we recommend that you purchase an extra 10% as an allowance for wastage due to cutting the stone during installation.
Must be installed with suitable adhesive.
We recommend that you purchase our colour matched travertine grout to fill any of the larger holes, otherwise leave natural.

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